Episode 031 : Hey Loud Pipes! Challenge Accepted!!


Show Opening:

Throttled Podcast is back to talk about motorcycle as well as stuff and things.

Kevin – Discuss the Loud Pipes Challenge….

Larry – Larry tells us about his riding this past week as well as running over his sportster and then selling it. Ok so maybe he didn’t run over it but he did hit it with his car and knocked it over.


Larry gives us a review of his switchback…hey guess what he likes it.

Handles well, lighter and more forgiving than the big baggers, Harley’s great low center of gravity. Same engine should provide better acceleration and economy than with big baggers..
Fuel gauge (fairly accurate) as well as light
Decent ride, comfortable seat (upgraded on mine)

Footboards are comfortable. Bike fits me great-about 27-28 ” seat height

Ride could be better, have already dragged right footboard, 4.7 gallon tank, neutral can be difficult to find and won’t start if you’re not in neutral.
Bags not as large as they look
Bike rattles a bit over bumps.
Stock engine and exhaust doesn’t snap neck off.


Kevin – Discusses his camping trip


New Topics:

What is the market and role for small displacement, cheap, adv and other models?
CSC and Royal Enfield both getting into the game.

Not surprisingly Yamaha bringing the FZ-10 to the US in 2017.

Finally we talk about ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).


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Ride safe everybody!!!