Episode 002 : Harley in Trouble?



Victory to Unveil New Model at EICMA

  • Engine is believed to be based off of the Indian Scout’s engine and should be more performance based.
  • Maybe a commercial version of the Pikes Peek bike?
  • Most likely not a heavy cruiser given that it is being announced in Europe

Yamaha coming out with a 3 wheel bike that can lean we will get to see the bike at the Tokyo Motor Show

  • Stance seems a lot narrower than a spider

Also Yamaha announced the Resonator 125 Concept, cool retro bike for beginners

  • Cool looking bike with brown seat and a dark wood paneling accented chrome tank

Gold Wing recall….again

  • Honda is amending it’s second recall for Rear Brake Issues, says this time they have a permanent solution.
  • Wouldn’t that really make it the 3rd recall

Unfortunate news for Harley Davidson workers. Harley has announced plans to reduce their workforce so they can boost marketing and product development.

  • Resulting from a 1.4% drop in Motorcycle sales and a 6.5% decrease in net income.
  • Layoff will affect 250 workers.

What does Harley need to do?

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