Episode 026 : Does this airbag make me look fat?


We have returned once again for a riveting episode of the Throttled Podcast!!.  Unfortunately both Larry and I were unable to get any motorcycle riding in, however given the short timeframe between episodes this time I can let it slide.

We start off our show once again with our retread section:

First up in the retread was the EPA admitting they messed up and got caught.

After that I admit that modulating head lights are legal in Alabama, in fact they are legal for motorcycles everywhere.  Larry makes a great point that if you use modulating lights there are guidelines and that you might want to keep a copy of the federal statute that allows them for motorcycles.

Moving on to new news we cover a new Yamaha announcement with the FJ-07 Tracer 700, 2 weeks in a row…way to go Yamaha.

A recall notice went out for the Triumph Street Twin.

Finally we cover the subject of motorcycle passenger airbags.  Listen to the end of the show to hear this discussion for more details.

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