Episode 027 : You can knock us down but not out.


Show Opening:
Welcome back to another rider friendly episode of the Throttled Podcast
Kevin – Discusses the downfall of Pneumonia
Larry discusses his accident and current state of the bike.


  • Revisit helmet buffeting. Last issue of Cycle magazine had review of Springfield.       Commented on “high speed helmet buffeting… at anything faster than 70 mph. ” still gave overall good review calling the bike “well engineered”. Huh?
  • Jeff’s Email about wind turbulence and the Madstad bracket


New Topics:

  • 2017 Suzuki SV650 for $6,999 Due in Dealerships Next Month
  • Role of driving assists in motorcycle riding.
    1. HUD’s
    2. Near Vehicle indicator
    3. Tactile
  • Eat, Sleep, Ride review
    • Kevin and Larry give their thoughts on the app.
  • Yamaha does away with star brand for its cruisers
  • Mini Kawasaki


Motorcycle Men
Loud Pipes!!


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Ride safe everybody!!!