Episode 029 : Let us Drop some motorcycle news on you


Show Opening:

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night….This is the Throttled Podcast and we are thrilled you decided to spend some time with us.

Kevin – Discuss this week’s riding, comment on how the Throttled Podcast crew has more miles in the past seven days compared to other podcasts that we track…via eat, sleep, ride.

Larry – discusses his riding this past week. Mention that Kevin has been invited to be on the Motorcycle Men for a segment next week.

Late breaking news…

Larry dropped his Harley yesterday ! His back now aches.

KevinLarry talk about A Story Worth Living


New Topics:

  • VFR1200x Ride reports are coming in and the current feedback is …       DCT?
  • BMW is developing emergency detection packages that will call for help if you crash. How can this differ from Crash Light and may be better (bike is a constant)? Will that be universally accepted, or will the “purists” object? (if you scroll down to the responses, you can already see the objections flying…       Is this a EU directive for bike manufacturers…stay tuned?
  • Yamaha xsr900 restyled fz-09 or something more. Looks like the Bolt a bit, but somewhat fancier…
  • Lighting helmet. Would you use it? Kickstarter, how visible during day?


Motorcycle Men
Loud Pipes!!

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Ride safe everybody!!!