Episode 033 : Hot weather riding tips and 9 thousand k…that’s a lot.


Show Opening:
Welcome back and thank you for tuning back in.


Kevin :
Discuss Bike night this past Friday
Missed Opportunity @ Barber

discusses his riding this past week.

Long way round binge

Preparing to ride in Hot weather:
When to use mesh/Textile?
What is Evaporative Cooling?

New Topics:

Talk about “Ride with Norman Reedus”

Total of 5 riders killed so far this year in Isle of Man TT.  Are the races too dangerous?

This is an interesting ad/film. I think its French, but there is not dialogue.

Indian vs Harley ….to the death, well maybe just to our wallets!

Updated Honda Grom coming to us in 2017


Harley and KTM have issues recalls.