Episode 034 : Gear, Gear and Gear


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Kevin discusses this past weeks (Father’s Day) riding.

Larry talks about his ride to Rio Vista, ferries / Andrus Island, Isleton and Locke

Gear Review:

Kevin – Review Sands 2 Pants

Larry – Discusses the finer points of his new helmet the HJC IS Max 2

Looking for modular with headset to work with J&M transceiver.

  1. Sizing first problem
    1. Medium felt too small – initially couldn’t get chin piece over chin, went back and realize I didn’t pull hard enough to force my head into the crown of the helmet. When I did, it still felt tight, with chin bar very close to mouth, hardly room for a boom mike
    2. Large felt ok in crown, but barely tight around chin pads.  Eventually got them to extend trial period and ordered chin pads from Revzilla from the XS helmets. That seemed to work ok. I figure if the chin pads eventually compress too much, I can order another set.
  2. Getting headset to work with phone/gps/transceiver
  3. Helmet itself appears relatively well made. Locking mechanism on chin bar appears fairly substantial. DOT approved. Liners all removable (unlike my Shoei). Has internal sun visor. External visor is “pin lock ready”
  4. Ventilation is good, better than the Shoei, and easy to change wearing gloves.
  5. Helmet is surprisingly quiet at speed, Moreso than the Shoei Qwest       to my impression, and tends to buffet a little less than the Shoei at 75+ speeds on my Switchback with       a 20 ” windscreen.
  6. Weight is about average, at 3lbs, 14 oz. for the medium, though lighter than other inexpensive modulars.   Sunscreen is rather lightly tinted, and I have ended up preferring sunglasses. The sunscreen will lower over glasses with plenty of clearance, and there is a groove in the padding for glasses which makes it much more comfortable to use sunglasses.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it.


Talk about “Ride with Norman Reedus”
Discuss the update to the California Lane Splitting law


AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Will Feature A Number Of Seminars
Livewire ‘a couple of years’ from release

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