Episode 040 : Ride your motorcycle to Barber with us!


Once again you have made my day by tuning into Throttled!!
Kevin -Discuss this past weeks’ lack of saddle time
Larry – Oh wait Larry isn’t here, time to call in the relief

Welcome our special guest this week…you know him as the golden voiced, smooth talking co-host from LoudPipes! Rich Warfield

Rich discusses his recent rides.

Bike Review:
Rich rides the Fj-09

Upcoming Bike Reviews:
Street Glide and Road Glide (have to reschedule)

Upcoming Bike Modifications:
ROX Risers with cable extensions

Yamaha YZF-R3 has two recalls.

Pre-Book your Flying Fortress
Polaris pulling in the money!
BMW Concept…Titan..this is the future!!! (doubtful)
Quality of Riding Gear
Victory 2017 Lineup

Getting ready for Barber!! General discussion


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Ride safe everybody!!!