Episode 043 : Motorcycles rule, Technology sucks


Another week and another episode of Throttled is here for your listening pleasure. For the second week in a row technology plays the role of our evil mistress and just won’t cooperate. All is well however and we have a great show for you to listen to.
We start off the show by talking about our rides this week and move into the Motorcycle Podcaster’s Challenge. We share some ideas about how to change the challenge for the next go around.

We are happy to announce that Throttled is now on Patreon.

Victory is inviting dealers to a Octane competition.

Did you know Indian was starting motorcycle groups in US , Europe, Australia, South America?

Avon Trail Rider ADV tires.

If you like the look of the FZ-10 then you will love the rumored update the FZ-07.

Harley and the Davidsons: part 1″ is on Monday, 5 September at 9pm ET

Skully officially dead…spent money for helmet on strippers and cars

Honda recalls the CB300