Episode 045 : Should Motorcycle Helmets be mandatory? What about ABS?


We start of this motorcycle podcast by discussing….riding motorcycles.  Really would you expect anything else.
Naturally this discussion turns into the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge update and the upcoming trophy presentation.

New Supporter!!
We want to say a humbled and heart felt thank you to Jeffrey Gebler for supporting us on Patreon.  Thanks Jeff, you are helping keep the doors open and it is very appreciated

Upcoming Events / Schedule
Of course we have Barber coming up Oct 7th – 9th, I am looking forward to hanging out with the Loud Pipes guys and you.  If you are going to Barber send me note to feedback@throttledpodcast.com or go to the website and click the Contact link at the top. Let me know what days you are coming and maybe we can meet up!

AIMExpo – That is right Throttled will be at AIM….well hopefully, at least that is the plan.  If all goes right in the world Kevin will be at AIM on the final day of the expo to hopefully get some interviews and other great content for the show.

We then discuss Larry’s upcoming schedule and at least one special guest host…Ted from the Motorcycle Men.
As we are approaching 50 episodes and our 1 year show we begin reflecting on the past year…and what a great year it has been.

John Jones send in more great photos.

IMG_4904 image3 image1
Jeff writes in about Tank Bags as well as his next upcoming ride 20500 miles is 40 hours….crazy.

Larry discusses his Helite Airbag vest

Royal Enfield announces the grand opening of their Milwaukee store

Can Seemore be a Skully alternative

Bamboo underwear and socks…who knew

Our topic for the show focusses on Motorcycle Safety Stats.  There was a lively debate and differing opinions on mandatory vs optional protection and technology.  I am not going to spoil it hear…listen and let us know where you fall in the debate

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