Episode 046 : Routine Motorcycle Maintenance


This is Throttled and we are glad you are here.

Kevin will introduce Ted Kettler ( lead singer behind the john mellencamp cover band HumanWheels.) Oh and he is also the host of a motorcycle podcast with his brothers called the Motorcycle Men.

Kevin and Ted will discuss this past weeks riding or other things of interest

Update on the Motorcycle Podcasters Challenge …We Won!!!!


Email from Jeff

“Great show again last week, in my opinion, proper  helmets should be mandatory at all times and in all states. It is the law in Australia and the police will check your helmet if you are stopped to make sure that they conform with the standards.”

Also Jeff is going to participating in the 2016 Australian Memorial Ride on Sept 8th and van be followed on spotwalla


R-nine-T Work 13k

Harley Layoffs

Is this what motorcyclist really want?  I don’t want my bike to ride for me.


Maintaining your bike, what to check before every ride and other things to check between service intervals.

Helmet Giveaway – 2015 KTM Street EVO Helmet (Size Medium)

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