Episode 047 : Larry rides his motorcycle


Larry returns to the show this week!!  I am glad to have my cohort in crime back as we cover some show related bits, some news and then get into his ride in what will be a two part story

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Barber is coming up Oct 7th – 9th, I am looking forward to hanging out with the Loud Pipes guys and you.  If you are going to Barber send me note to feedback@throttledpodcast.com or go to the website and click the Contact link at the top. Let me know what days you are coming and maybe we can meet up!

AIMExpo – That is right Throttled will be at AIM on the final day of the expo to hopefully get some interviews and other great content for the show.

Epa wants to require 4 gallon minimum fuel purchase?

Are MSF classes effective?
How closely do you pay attention to your tires? How carefully do you shop for new ones?

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