Episode 050 : 12th Annual Barber Vintage Festival



What a wonderful week of motorcycling!  We hope your last 7 days were filled with perfect weather and twisty roads.

This week Kevin and Larry begin discussing the riding that they did but that quickly rolls into the Vintage festival discussion.  You just have to listen to get the good stuff:

A quick shout out to LoudPipes who traveled down from North Carolina to attend the festival and even tolerated Kevin for the time they were in town.  It was great meeting, talking and riding with John, Rico and Rich…Thanks again guys looking forward to the next time.

I also want to give Jeremy Franklin a shout out!  Jeremy has been a listener from the beginning of the show and Kevin got the chance to meet and hang out with him and his two kids for a while on both Friday and Saturday.  Jeremy thank you for your support and all the kind words and recommendations you gave the show!!

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