Episode 055 : Larry rides some Harleys, KTM and Husqavarna release a lot of bikes


Another Week Another exciting Throttled episode!!
Of course we lead off with our riding adventures or misadventures of the week.

Kevin was a guest on the Motorcycle Podcaster Roundtable hosted by the WheelNerds!!

Bike Reviews:
Larry got a change to ride a few Harleys and gives his thought on the bikes.

Sportster Roadster

  1. Exudes chrome, steel, and quality
  2. Engine is smooth, powerful, with plenty of torque. Pulled strong in 6th from 50 mph
  3. Shocks front and rear pretty good. Firm, but not jarring. Short wheelbase, milder rake, means more front to rear jiggles.
  4. Did I say the engine was smooth and powerful.
  5. Nice, somewhat subdued, exhaust tone.
  6. Strong brakes
  7. Feels quick and maneuverable
  8. Analog tach
  9. Mid position pegs not that uncomfortable as seat height is higher than usual sportster 30″
  10. Usual Harley self-cancelling turn signals

Fun to ride.


  1. Uncomfortable seat-hard
  2. Wide pegs interfere with otherwise great lean angle
  3. Wide pegs interfere with putting leg straight down
  4. Small gas tank-3.3 gallons. Bigger than on some other sportsters, but not as big as the low or custom (4.5)
  5. Somewhat forward lean for seating, but not too bad

2016 (Rushmore mods) and 2017 street glide (Milwaukee 7)

2016 street glide


  1. Surprisingly maneuverable even at slow speed. Weight was not an issue for me-except when trying to back it on a very slight incline
  2. Smooth powerful engine.
  3. Comfortable seat and ride
  4. Slight amount of wind buffeting
  5. Maneuverable at speed as well
  6. Plenty of torque and pick up at speed
  7. Powerful brakes


  1. Subdued exhaust tone
  2. Somewhat mushy front forks

2017 Milwaukee

The two things that stood out was the smoother, even more tractable engine with a nicer exhaust tone, especially at idle and

  1. Firmer suspension, especially in front, to the point where I could almost characterize it as a bit harsh. However I do not know what the rear suspension was set at on the particular bike.

Mail Call:
Email from Gary Turner!

Seat Reviews:
Larry and Kevin both give their initial impressions of their new seats.
Check out the Husqvarna’s and KTM news:
401 Vitpilen
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401 Svartpilen

1290 Super Duke
790 Duke
390 Duke

Yamaha reveals the T7 concept (Thanks to Tom Austin)