Episode 058 : Covering your brakes…now with more Ted!!


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Like every other show we start off talking about our weekly Rides!

Mail Call:
Mail from Gary

If you plan on riding in France you better have your gloves on.  While we agree that you should wear the gear do we really need to make it a law?
Scooters….Yeah I know, some people say they don’t belong or don’t count.  However, I think if it is how you chose to ride then ride on.
Oh and in case you have tons of money and can’t find the perfect gift for your motorcycle enthusiast, well this is your bike.  The T12 Massimo starts at a nice $335,000

Suzuki Recall

A small but perhaps useful point…covering the brake lever
Ted from the Motorcycle Men joins us for our Topic this week and we have a great time with our friend.

Shout Outs:
Motorcycle Men,
Loud Pipes,
Wheel Nerds,
Café Racer Podcast

Kevin and Larry discuss what they look for explicitly in a motorcycle, what do we like in a bike?

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