Episode 060 : I’m riding in the rain, I’m riding in the rain…


Welcome to the 60th episode of Throttled!

Kevin: Zip, none, notta…man it just sucks.
Larry: Has several rides and an unfortunate drop.

Mail Call:
Email from Steve
Email from Logan


Email from Tom

Regarding your request for name of Adv Training, a lot of the folks in this area utilize:


Still looking to find something in the southeast. BMW has a off road performance center in South Carolina, Really wish I could hit up RawHyde out near the west coast.

Any thoughts about this bike and the “post-authentic” movement?  Larry has always liked the look of this bike.
This bobber seems to have great appeal, though not for me.
A different point of view on the Harley Davidson Road Glide.
Another helmet hud device. I assume it can be added to any helmet.
New motorcycle brand.

Indian Recalls

Riding in the rain? Don’t forget the rain gear.

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