Episode 062 : Riding out of 2016


We close out 2016 this week and want to say thank you for being apart of our amazing year.
Both Kevin and Larry were able to get out this week for a bit of riding, while nothing to ride home about both rides were great.  Kevin especially needed his ride as it provided just enough calm in the craziness that has been this last week.

Mail Call:
We get an email from Phil (our big helmet giveaway winner)  so far he is loving his helmet.  Thanks again Phil and enjoy!
Email from Mike
Email from John English
Facebook conversation with Tom

Kevin has begun a helmet search,  he isn’t quite sure what he is totally looking for but lays down some basic requirements.

Someone is creating a coaching association for racing coaches.
We cover  a first ride report for the Multistrada 950
Real world review of the BMW F800GS vs the Triumph Tiger 800XC

2012 – 2016 Suzuki V-Strom 650

4 tips to improve Situational Awareness while on the road.

  1. At high speed don’t take you’re eyes off approaching traffic
  2. Don’t look away when in blind spots
  3. Stay in 1st and keep checking mirrors when stopped at light. Be prepared to dart between cars if needed.
  4. When approaching an intersection, don’t take eyes of oncoming cars stopped for left turn

Kevin and Larry’s motorcycle new year resolutions

Larry’s List:

  1. Be more considerate and thankful to his wife who tolerates the time he’s away and or unavailable while on rides, club and podcast activities.
  2. Get some instruction to improve riding skills; push his limits a bit.
  3. Continue internal debate between upgrades to current bike vs. upgrade to Milwaukee 8 or at least Rushmore.

Kevin’s List:

  1. Expand his abilities by getting off the pavement.
  2. Explore more, venture to places he haven’t been and do it on 2 wheels.
  3. Improve the overall quality of the podcast.  This includes possible equipment upgrades as well as provide new or differing content to our wonderful listeners.