Episode 064 : Victory closes it’s doors


Wow, we have gotten some big news this week…but we will get to that in a bit.

Larry did a short ride to the movie theater (passengers), before the floods came…
Kevin was iced in.

Mail Bag:
@emirhano –

Motorcyclist struck buy lightning.
Polaris shuts down Victory…Kevin thinks this is a bad move
A more detailed look at the trends and economics of the motorcycle industry in the next year
Give yourself some time to read this if possible.

1. With change of leadership, will there be more discretionary spending, or will manufacturers lose out because of the stronger dollar vs euro currencies, making imports cheaper, unless there is an import tariff imposed, as they are proposing for custom parts.
2. US market has become more fragmented, with Harley losing some market share to Polaris, and smaller and lower cost bikes from foreign manufacturers entering the country. Overall bike sales are relatively stagnant
3. Appeal to millennials is still up in the air. Bigger and shinier does not seem to appeal. Smaller, more affordable, better value, simpler, more traditional seems to be more their style. Using social media and events rather than traditional television and print advertising
4. Increase in exposure and viewership to flat track racing, with more manufacturer involvement. See story below about TV coverage of flat track racing

Honda creates a motorcycle that is free standing.

MV Augusta re-launches itself in North America.
Some resolutions you could be making this year.
Now we can watch Flat Track Racing.