Episode 065 : The Dumpster Fire Episode


Thank you for tuning and and for some of you listening live to this episode of Throttled.  That’s right boys and girls we have decided to broadcast the show live when Larry and Kevin convene for the weekly show.  Currently, we are only going to broadcast the first hour of the show.  We are going to see how it goes and may, in the future (like 2 weeks) move the entire show live.  Why the delay you may ask, well it all comes down to timing. Enough about that, let’s get going.

Of course we start the show off talking about the weeks ride and both Kevin and Larry got out and enjoyed some unusual and welcomed January weather.

Mail Call:
Email from Jon about the Romney Camp N Ride

Romney Camp N Ride, Romney, WV
Dates:  May 5 – May 7, 2017
Adventure classes offered by Xplor-in
This year our charity will be The Potomac Center.

More information can be found at:
Yamaha Super Tenere
Adv Rider

Email from Paul:  Paul you had some great ideas, we are definitely  taking a look at them.

New Patreon Supporter: Paul Godfrey

Paul joins Micah, Jeff, Chuck.  Thank you all for becoming supporters of the show.
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Is this what the hipsters want?  Mondial introduces the hipster model.

Speaking of hipsters, Larry spotted a gaggle of hipsters (presumed) on what appeared to be vintage HD Sportster choppers, 3/4 helmets etc.

As, ahem, Larry hypothesized, passage of lane splitting in California might presage legalizing it elsewhere.  Texas to look at lane splitting.

Motus would like a word to talk about their position in the motorcycle market in regards to the Victory closing.

Triumph reports record sales in 2016.

BMW reports record sales in 2016 as well.

A few weeks ago we wondered about the difference between MotoGP and World Superbike.  Here is a guide to help clear the air.

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