Episode 066 : Polaris sales crash! (so that’s what happened to Victory)


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Kevin and Larry start this episode off by discussing the rides of the week.  Well, Kevin does at least and it has a tragic story about how he had his first drop.

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Polaris sales are down for 2016.  Given what happened to Victory and the fact that Victory was bringing down the ship this is a very interesting read.
A new bill is introduced into the legislature that would protect vehicles modified for racing from the Clean Air Act.
Ducati announces a “v-four” motorcycle.
If you are looking for an inexpensive Yamaha bike, you need to take a look at these deals.
It looks like Oregon in looking at allowing lane splitting again.
EU motorcycles are being used as a bargaining chip for US beef exports.  A 100% tariff, really!

A few first ride reviews have been released and while we haven’t been able to take part, here is what others have said about the
Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled and Triumph Street Scrambler.
We also found on for the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, Kevin likes the look of the bike but for some reason doesn’t like the fact that “Bobber” is painted on it.

Honda is recalling several GoldWings over another air bag issue.  I think it is time to change vendors, don’t you agree Honda.
BMW bikes could potentially have a rear suspension issue.

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