Episode 073 : Harley brings back the Street Rod


Looks like this past weeks warm weather was only temporary as we have near record cold over a lot of the country.  If you can get out and Ride, take advantage.  As always we start the show by discussing our rides.  Both Larry and Kevin are able to get out a bit.  Just a reminder their will be no live stream next week, don’t worry we will be back live the following week.

Mail Call:
Email from Dayne.

Harley unveils the Harley Street Rod.
Now is the time to become a Triumph racer, you could get a bike cheap(er).
Pikes Peak won’t allow dirt focused vehicles after 2017.

Utah lane splitting bill fails.

Test Ride:
Yamaha TMax test ride.

Larry gives up a quick catch up of what’s going on in the MotoGP and Fast Track Worlds.
Harley and Indian are fighting to sponsor races.

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