Episode 082 : We demo the Indian lineup


Welcome back to this weeks episode of Throttled.  We had a great time with this little motorcycle podcast this week.  Both Kevin and Larry got some riding in, here are the details.

Larry-Wednesday, 76 mile roundtrip to club meeting through traffic, Thursday ride to Talbott Motorcycle Museum in Castro Valley-a real treat! (280 round trip on Rever) Saturday, Poker run ride at Mt. Diablo H-D, another 160 or so. Great weather, beautiful roads, and a few other Switchbacks that I saw (2 others out of maybe 125 bikes)

Brian Hunnicut invited me to a cornering class at the Little 99 raceway in Stockton, later this month, which I signed up for. Still having trouble imagining me circling the race track on my Harley Switchback. Could remove the windshield and bags, but I really think I want to practice with the bike as I usually ride it.

Kevin was able to ride out and attend a local demo day for Indian this past week.  Here is what he rode and his impressions:


Springfield – same engine nice pull, comfortable ride easy to handle, not crazy about handlebar position for my size, same cramped riding position for those 5’11 and taller

Scout – Doesn’t feel as small as it is, fun bike, instant power but sluggish top end. Hit the rev limiter earlier than I thought, Fun to ride handles great, wonderful around town or back road local ride bike.

RoadMaster — much like the Springfield, liked the handlebar position much better since the bars were in front of me. Side Note – they had a Chieftain with Mini Apes, very comfortable to sit on, was able to take it around the block between rides and I liked the handle bar position the best, seemed to open up the cockpit for the upper body.

DarkHorse – I liked this bike the best, Handling of the Springfield great feel, seemed to have a little more shake in the bike, not a ton just not as smooth at idle. Gave me more of a visceral connection to the bike.

Ranking the bikes.


After thought : Kevin would love to try a Darkhorse or RoadMaster with Mini Apes on a true test ride.

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EatSleepRide is putting on a large synchronized ride.
Strider bikes put on a little youth compitetion.
Of course we have another Ducati sale rumor.
Harley Davidson and Eagle Rider form an alliance for US based rentals.
The Honda CB650F is coming stateside in 2018
Yamaha might be revealing a new model at Americade.

KTM 390 Duke

Pikes peak live broadcast.

Ducati Multistrada Enduro


American flat track Phoenix

Bryan Smith pulled it out in the last 1 1/2 laps to beat Brad Baker, Jared Mees came in third, but admitted he had a hard time keeping up with the two race leaders. This makes another Indian clean sweep. Harley was barely in the race, with only one race rider, Jake Johnson, who crashed out.