Episode 095 : Countdown till Barber plus we cover bad riding videos


Summer is ending we hope you get out there and ride.  Thanks for tuning in this week, as always we start by talking about our riding.

Roads for Barber visitors to try and ride from two locations

1st – Oak Mountain State Park

  • State park road heading to Oak Mountain from HWY 119 is one of my favorite, tree canopy short < 5 miles
  • There is a back entrance to the park (or at least us to be) and the road through the park is a nice ride.
  • 39/331 one that I want to ride
  • Different roads heading out to Columbiana

2nd – Barber itself

  • From HWY 280 and I-459 take Sicard Hollow to Rex lake
  • If you are staying north of that area closer to down town Birmingham take Overton on the way to I-459 then hit Liberty Parkway and that will run into Sicard Hollow
  • State HWY 25 – some call it the Alabama dragon ( I wouldn’t go that far) but a fun little road, watch your speed there are a few blind hairpins.
  • Ride through the Talladega National forest, some dirt roads some paved but you can have a ton of fun on either or both

Throttled Ride Along:
If you are interested in having a Throttled Ride where you can come and ride with Kevin at Barber write in and let us know.

  1. How many miles would you want to do or how long(hours) would you like to ride.
  2. What day of the event Fri, Sat or Sunday works best?
  3. What time of day, Morning or after lunch?
  4. What starting point works best? Barber, 280 and 459, Pelham or Hoover

*note that some of the roads that I mentioned about will most likely be involved in the ride at some point. We can go ahead and say that this will be a moderate pace that may at times be slightly faster than posted speeds but shouldn’t be worth an officers time.

Looks like another brand to be built in India and Triumph announces plans.
Sena released the 10uPad.
We cover the video of Canadian riders holding up traffic.
We also cover a rider who survives a tragic accident and then…blames the bike?

BMW issues two recalls this week  Here is first and the second.

New Rever Group: We have created a new Rever group/community for our listeners.  Just search for Throttled in the community section and you will be able to follow along as the host and other listeners take and publish rides.

Upcoming Events:
AimExpo Sept 21st – 24th
Barber October 6th – 8th

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Ride safe everybody!!!

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