Episode 098 : Countdown to AIMExpo, Confederate Motorcycles is going electric


Thanks for listening to this weeks episode.  We hope your weather is allowing you to get out and rack up the miles.  Kevin and Larry discuss what kind of saddle time they are able to amass during the week.

Throttled Ride Along:

If you are interested in having a Throttled Ride where you can come and ride with Kevin at Barber write in and let us know.

  1. How many miles would you want to do or how long(hours) would you like to ride.
  2. What day of the event Fri, Sat or Sunday works best?
  3. What time of day, Morning or after lunch?
  4. What starting point works best? Barber, 280 and 459, Pelham or Hoover

Yamaha delays the Venture.
Kawasaki announces the 2018 Ninja H2R models.
Confederate Motorcycles changes name and goes all electric.
Royal Enfield opens a third factory.


Throttled Garage:
Should you use the kill switch to turn off the engine?

BMW recall.

Flat track: Springfield mile on Sunday, don’t know if I’ll catch it before the show.

In yet another example of what appears to me to be marketing ineptitude, the times for viewing the race were virtually unobtainable, and every time I tuned into live streaming on when one of the warmup, qualifying, or actual races should have been running I got … nothing.

Even now, with the race over and the results in, I cannot find a description of the race. So I will give you what I have, just the results. Once again, Mees wins, indian sweeps with smith in second and baker in 3rd, Halbert on the yamaha in 4th and the Harley guy, robinson on the new xg750 in 5.

New Rever Group:
We have created a new Rever group/community for our listeners.  Just search for Throttled in the community section and you will be able to follow along as the host and other listeners take and publish rides.

Upcoming Events:
AimExpo Sept 21st – 24th
Barber October 6th – 8th

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